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Micro Caravans, Teardrop Trailers, Tear Pod Trailers, Sleeper And Other Inventive Builds

Check out what's available in the micro sector with small caravans and trailers gaining new interest in the UK. Well first in the absence of a clear definition as to what we consider fits into this section of Micro Units lets say we are looking at compact caravans small caravans  with a hard shell. Some may prefer to refer to them as trailers as in the term Teardrop Trailer but essentially they are a small hard shelled unit that can usually be towed by a very small car. So we are not looking at folders or pop up units here

Featured Company

Hand Built Classic Teardrops Caravans, Refurbishment And Conversions

The English Caravan Company
Hertfordshire Tel: 01462 743904 Mobile: 07831 176034

Hand Built Teardrop Caravans
The English Caravan Company build classic teardrop caravans, you may have seen one of their units on the TV programme "Ade In Britian". Several designs to choose from, all hand built 100% original and designed solely by The English Caravan Company. They are all built strong for a long life and all run on rigid, custom built, heavy gauge, fully galvanised chassis. All have independent suspension and all are fully braked.

Servicing and Repairs
Servicing and repairs to all caravans and specialising in vintage caravans. Gas safety checks, damp checks and repairs, electrical safety checks 240v & 12v systems. Water system checks and repairs to onboard fresh and waste water tanks. Chassis checks, repairs, adjustments, welding and rust preventative treatments, and much more.

Full and proper refurbishment and repair work, not cutting corners, nothing less than the very best to ensure wonderful vintage and classic caravans are preserved and given a new lease of life. Also, as part of the complete refurbishment where appropriate we can offer to apply a rust protecting Waxoyl treatment to the whole of the chassis.

Teardrops & Caravan Servicing & Repairs, Refurbishment Of Classic Caravans Call The English Caravan Company
Tel:  01462 743904 Mobile: 07831 176034 or Email

A Well Established Range From Teardrop Trailers.
The Turtle and the newer named Caretta brand have mass appeal, great well built teardrops from Teardrop Trailers in Cullompton Devon.

Turtle Cargo An Entry Level Teardrop Trailer

A real workhorse designed for maximum versatility, use this unit to sleep in or remove the mattress and galley unit and the Cargo transforms into a load hauler able to carry all sorts of loads. Ideal for carrying the likes of your mountain bikes, camping or hiking adventures, trips to the beach, great for fishing or surfing holidays. Also the perfect way for enthusiasts to travel to shows and events. The Cargo, built to the highest spec, fully insulated, galvanised chassis,sports alloy wheels.


Turtle 1200 What A Teardrop Trailer Should Be

A beautifully designed, comfortable and spacious interior with many features you would normally only find on larger caravans. Well equipped, the Turtle 1200 is at the forefront of the market in Teardrop Trailers. It has everything, great looks, fantastic galley, plenty of storage space and a sunning interior. The Turtle 1200's innovative design, aerodynamic shape and lightweight construction is combined with wide sports alloy wheels and tyres.


Turtle 1500 The Flagship Of The Turtle Range

The Turtle 1500 is the largest of all the Turtle models, giving it a spacious interior and a 1500mm wide bed. Fit the optional awning, and the Turtle 1500 become the ultimate in compact family getaways. The tailgate lifts to reveal the  equipped galley with stove, fridge, water supply and a quality worktop with cupboards above. It also has a front locker box that houses the battery and electrics, and provides additional storage space. Innovation at its best - The Turtle 1500

Find out more about Turtle Teardrop Trailers from Teardrop Trailers Of Uckfield East Sussex

Teardrop Trailers

A selection of Teardrop Trailer are now available in the UK and as these units grow in popularity so do the variety of units that are available. The benefits of such units are they often have a low centre of gravity and low tow weight are easy to monuver, set up and can often be stored in the garage. Other benefits are they are much cheaper to buy than there full size equivalents. Many take on the shape of a tear drop hence the name Teardrop Trailer.

Habitat Teardrop Trailer

Habitat Trailers

From a family run company based in Huddersfield, Habitat Trailers manufacture and hire quality teardrop trailers.
>> More On Habitat Trailers

Teardrop Trailers can be traced back in history to the 1930's so its not a new idea but modern thinking has  vastly improved the usability and popularity of these units

Zone Caravans

Designed with care, built to last, made to love.
Every Zone caravan is unique, inspired by classic design and with a wealth of customisation options. Your colours, your trim, your Zone. Your Zone can be how you want it, let your imagination roam. Every Zone caravan is hand built by craftsmen and built to last. We only choose superior materials.
>> More On Zone Caravans

Zone Caravans Video

Teardrop Trailers can be traced back in history to the 1930's so its not a new idea but modern thinking has  vastly improved the usability and popularity of these units


The Carapod is a new concept in Teardrop Caravan design and manufacture. Each Carapod boasts a galvanised chassis, live beam axle running alongside an aluminium composite panel construction. The Interior is a modern and compact design but it can also be individually customised and coloured to customers requirements. It's not caravanning or camping, it's Carapoding.
>> More On Carapods

Teardrops can be what you want them to be, from basic units to fully fitted luxury glamping trailers, you can get them customised to your requirements.

Chuki Teardrop Caravans
Aerodynamic and ergonomic design, what a great looking teardrop. Built by skilled craftsmen this compact, light-weight, trailer caravan can be customised to suit individual requirements. The Chuki Teardrop Caravan, is sturdy yet light-weight offering easy manoeuvrability whilst being light enough to be towed by the smallest of vehicles even solo bikes or trikes. Easy to be moved around single-handed, easy to keep clean and simple to store in a garage or on a drive. Also very reasonably priced.
>> More On Chuki Teardrop Caravans

A  very modern camping unit, the teardrop trailer has been transformed from an idea back in the 30's to today ultra modern looking units available from a host of manufacturers in the UK and abroad.

Diddyvans Teardrop Trailers


The Diddyvans Teardrop's streamlined shape, small and lightweight construction allow it to be towed by the smallest of cars such as a mini. The Diddyvans teardrop trailer is the perfect compromise between a tent and a caravan, with cosy sleeping compartment and a rear kitchen area if you choose to have one
 >> More On Diddyvans

More and more teardrop trailer manufactures, are offering custom build options, some allowing you to customise their basic build to make your teardrop trail reflect your needs and tastes whilst others allow you to to provide a complete specification for them to construct. A great opertunity to put your mark on your teardrop

The Pod

This stylish living unit for two is your flexible home-from-home, combining quality, comfort and safety. The original modern-retro micro-caravan, the pod is compact enough to be towed by vehicles such as the Mini, and yet spacious enough to contain a double bed, dining space, storage and a galley kitchen. With everything you need under one roof you can sleep and dine, and tow with ease. The pod range caters for all tastes, from the Standard to Bespoke models.
>> More On The Pod

Go Pods Video

Retro styles and finishes and modern looks are all available in the shape of a teardrop trailer. External finishes are just as varied with wood, aluminium and moulding being used by various manufactures. What look would you choose for  your teardrop trailer?



A camping trailer that is stylish and will fit in with the modern trend, big enough to seat four around a table and yet small enough to fit in to a single standard garage. A streamline shape and a  low weight to help with fuel economy. That's the aim TOURCRAFT had in mind when producing their teardrop trailer designs. The family run business is passionately producing some of the finest and most elegantly designed tear drop trailers and caravans around. .

TOURCRAFT have also made bodies for Danbury's teardrop trailer.



A leading providers of quality, hand built teardrop caravans with a factory in North Wales specialising in manufacturing bespoke teardrop caravans. They provide quality teardrop caravans that will really enhance your camping experience. From proven designs to  unique custom-built teardrop trailers designed to fit your particular camping lifestyle, check out Teardrop Caravans. They also hire teardrop trailers if you want to try out the experience before you buy. Look out for the Raptor an off road teardrop they say is coming soon.

A teardrop is everything you need for a holiday that can be towed by nearly any car. The versatility of the trailer means you can just hook up and go. A teardrop trailer is a small sleeping space for two and is something that will turn heads.

Retro Trailers

Retro Trailers are specialise in high quality teardrop trailers.  These stylish trailers will make you the talk of the campsite.
Retro Trailers is a small business based in the south west specialising in manufacturing bespoke teardrop trailers. Great attention to detail and ensuring every trailer is millimeter perfect.
>> More On Retro Trailers

Looking for a bit more head room from your teardrop caravan. The Go Pod may fit the bill as it stand higher than your average teardrop but they have managed to keep the weight down.

Go Pods

Go-Pods Micro Tourer Caravans - Compact & Fun! Perfect blend of camping & caravanning, easy to tow with even a small vehicle and effortless to manoeuvre when unhitched. Go-Pods store in places that larger caravans wouldn't fit. Go-Pods are made from a single moulded GRP shell, making the risk of leaks pretty minimal with no seams to worry about. Suprisingly spacious, Go-Pods conveniently offer everything to hand and you don't have to brave the elements to make that first morning coffee. Go-Pods are also known as the Going II Cockpit S caravan.
>> More On Go Pods

Go Pods Video

We like the Tear Pod but it looks like its no longer in production.


The Tear Pod

The Teardrop Trailer from Tearpod Leisure Ltd. Claimed by the makers to be the ultimate Teardrop Trailer / Caravan. Detachable hitch, Inbuilt hob and sink with shower tap, a comfortable modern unit with a more modern look than some of the other teardrop trailers available in the UK

We cant find any evidence of these units still being in production.

You can buy or hire a Teardrop Trailer from Teardrop Trailer Hire And Sales, so if you just want to try one out it may be an idea to hire one before you buy


A lightweight unit available from Teardrop Caravans UK and built in Leicester. These units can be towed by a small car or trike, weighs around 130kg so can be towed by almost any car. A budget unit able to take a 4' X 6' 6" mattress

We cant find any evidence of these units still being in production.


Camp-Runner hit the UK market in 2011 with a selection of models. Here we have the Mediterane a cool looking teardrop trailer.

Teardrop Trailers From Camp Runner

One Of A Selection Of Teardrop Trailers Availble From Camp-Runner

Other models available from Camp Runner included the Alpina, Cargo and the Buzz

Always on the lookout for more Teardrop caravans and small builds.


Micro Or Small Caravans

  The Going Cockpit Caravan - The Baby Going caravan with kitchen, gas hob mains and 12 volt electric, double bed and dining table

The Going Cockpit Caravan  kitchen, gas hob mains and 12 volt electric, double bed and dining table - available again in the UK at Red Lion Caravans

Freedom Caravans

A long standing maker of small caravans is Freedom. They claim a life expectancy of around 25 years from these vans and thats a real bargain when you look how reasonable priced they are


Freedom Caravans

Tab Caravans, a very modern looking range of caravans, great designs and eye catching looks. Many models to choose from with loads of optios to personalise your caravan

 Tab Caravans

Check Out More Links To Teardrop Trailers Micro Caravans
And Other Inventive Builds

Habitat Trailers For Habitat Trailers
Huddersfield Tel:  01484 315524 Mobile : 07402 866522

Carapods Ltd
Beverley Business Park Oldbeck Road Beverley HU17 0JN Tel: James: 0773 0597267 Leigh: 0789 5882245

The Caretta Teardrop Trailer
My Teardrop Trailers Washington Street, City Centre, Glasgow, G3 8AZ Tel: 0141 241 7540 or 0141 241 6357 

Diddyvans for Teardrop Trailer and Custom Trailers
Hampshire 079546616

Teardrop Trailers for Caretta and Turtle Trailers
Tanyard Farm, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 2PE Tel:01884 839369 Mob: 07817 372139

Teardrop Caravans
Deeside, North Wales Tel: 0800 6126 274 Mobile: 07984 018 074

The English Caravan Company  Hand Built
The English Caravan Company Newham in Hertfordshire SG7 5LA Tel:  01462 743904 Mobile: 07831 176034

The Pod for The Pod
Pod Caravans, PO BOX 564, Williton, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 4YR Tel: 01984 632 133

Chuki Teardrop Caravans
Ilkley, West Yorkshire Tel: 01943 430567 or 07702325396 email:

Zone Caravans
Avro House Lancaster Close Sherburn Enterprise Park Sherburn In Elmet Leeds LS25 6NS Tel: 01977 685850

The Teardrop Club of Great Britain (TCGB)

A club for builders , users and anyone interested in Teardrop Trailers

Teardrop Caravans   For Sale
If you are looking for a used Teardrop Caravan or Trailer or Pod we have a regularly updated feed of second hand units for sale here. They can include top models from the major manufacturers to self built units. You can check out what's available now here.


If you are considering buying or building a self build teardrop trailer talk to other owners to get advice on what to look for in a good build

The Turtle Teardrop Trailer




As teardrop trailers become more popular in the UK look out also for other micro and small build caravans. Some keep the teardrop shape but increase height to give standing room, other take on a traditional caravan look with pop tops to keep the towing height down.


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