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Review Of The Combi Camp Trailer Tent For 365 Camping Caravanning

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Combi Camp Trailer Tent – (A class of its own!)

Combi Camp Trailer Tent Overview: 
The Combi Camp is a Danish made trailer tent that offers flexibility and ease of pitching. The cabin takes about 30 seconds to set up and can be used alone or with an awning and/or a sun canopy. The cabin has permanent beds within the trailer base and the lid folds over to provide a solid floor supported off the ground by the luggage rack. The awning, if attached, doubles the living space. 

Makes And Models 
There are two basic designs – an ‘Easy’ which opens lengthways to provide a large double bed,

 Combi Camp Easy                                                     Combi Camp Trailers Tents

 or a ‘Family’ which opens sideways to provide two double beds.

 Combi Camp Family                                          Side Opening Combi Camp Units

More Recent Designs  


Combi Camp Panda

Combi Camp Venezia


Combi Camp Country





The more recent designs have kitchens attached and come complete with fridge and 3 burner cooker. Some older Easy and Family models have an attached annex which increases living/sleeping space. The newer Pandas, Venezias and County have an optional zip on annex. 

Size And Weight 
The unladen weight varies from 250  - 500kg depending on the model. The maximum laden weight is between 500 and 750 kg but care needs to be taken when considering the maximum permissible weight of the towing vehicle, especially if the trailer is unbraked. The trailer body is approx 3m long (4.5 approx with drawbar) x 1.5 m wide  

Pros and Cons




Can be set up in about 30 seconds by one person
Flexible accommodation for long or short stays
All living accommodation is off the ground
Permanent beds that convert to sofas on most models
Easy to tow and manoeuvre
Can be towed by most cars – some models even by motorbike
Plenty of space for storage inside when folded
Luggage rack for bulky items

Needs subsequent drying if packed away wet


The Cost
Expect to pay from around £4500 upwards for a new unit but there are many good secondhand units around for a fraction of the price.

The Verdict
An easy to erect and tow unit, well worth considering, check out many happy campers with these units on the Combi Camp Forum

Information and Links
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Reviewed by Sooz for 365 Camping Caravanning

Reviewed 2008






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