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Review Of The Pennine Pathfinder For 365 Camping Caravanning


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Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper
(Sleeping Capacity  6 persons)



Pennine Pathfinder Overview

Our 2003 Pennine Pathfinder which we have had from new. They combine the best of both worlds having a standard caravan kitchen, toilet and wash basin and hot water. However they have two permanent double beds and fold down for easy towing. The catch (and there always is one) is the canvas needs to be dried if they are taken down wet. They fold with a wet pack and dry more quickly than you would expect. The awning is enormous at 6 x 2.5 metres and gives a family loads of space. But the main unit is quick and easy to put up with no pegging required for a weekend. Lots of cupboard space so that almost everything can remain on board. Beds can be left made up with quilts in situ so setting up is very quick. We use a small fan heater in early and late season and have camped in temperatures of minus four. There are two mains socket plus an external one in the awning and four 12 volt sockets. It has four spotlights and three fluorescent lights giving a warm cosy feel.


Pros and Cons




lighter to tow than the same size caravan
Permanent beds
Full kitchen

Less insulation than a caravan
Needs to be dried.



The Cost

Expect to pay around 9,500 for the latest new version of the Pennine Pathfinder. A 2003 around 6,000 less if you get a good deal. Consider also the crusader now made by Pennine to the original pathfinder layout and cheaper than the pathfinder and a better colour scheme


The Verdict


Easy to erect, tow and store, although new they are almost as expensive as a budget caravan these unit offer something different in that they can be towed by smaller cars and are much easer to store at home, avoiding costly storage fees


Information and Links


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Reviewed by Maddy for 365 Camping Caravanning

Reviewed 2008













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