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Here we have national and regional camping and caravanning rally clubs, clubs that don't require you to have a particular make or model of caravan ( owners clubs ) and generaly accept all types of unit. A few may have a unit type requirement, they are also listed under our Unit Type Clubs and may be of interest to members who like to camp with motorhome or caravan or tent users only.

Owners Clubs, RallyClubs Car Clubs - 365 Camping Caravanning
Car Clubs

Unit Type Clubs

Special Groups

Some clubs offer rallying across the UK and Europe whilst others just rally in the confines or their local area or region of the UK. If you would like to add another camping or caravanning rally club to our listings or provide improved details on one  we already have listed just drop us an email with contact details and subject to acceptance we will add it to our clubs page. For owners clubs and clubs of special interest please see our additional club pages.


1 - 9 & A - B


4cs Caravan and Camping Club
The 4cs Caravan and Camping club are a small friendly club and always welcome new members of all ages and families to join them on rallies and holidays throughout the year. As a club they support Derby Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance.

77 Caravan Club
A rally club for members with caravans, motorhomes and tents. The 77 Caravan Club has members in the Essex, Cambridge, Suffolk, Lincs and Bucks area.

2000 Caravan Club Cymru
A small club formed in 2000 based in South Wales, rallying as far as Worcester to the north, Devon & Dorset to the south, Tenby to the west and New Milton Hampshire to the south east.

Open to all marques of touring caravans and motorhomes the AAOCC is a countrywide club based in the UK whose members organise rallies throughout the year

ABI & Friends Caravan Club
Previously an owners club for ABI caravans but now open to owners of other touring caravans so we have now listed this as a national rally club.

Alvis Camping & Caravanning Club
The Alvis Camping and Caravan Club is a member club of the British Leyland Camping and Caravan Club, its members enjoy weekend rallies and holiday rallies and social activities throughout the year.

Auto Camping Club East Midlands
A small family orientated caravan club based in the East Midlands. Members are mainly from Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Avondale Caravan Club
The Avondale Caravan Club is open to members who own a touring caravan or motorhome of any marques. The club is national and holds rallies through out the year in all parts of the country. Most rallies are of 5 to 10 day duration, although on occasions they may be longer.

Back to Basics Camping Club
Back to Basics (B2B) Camping Club was formed on 01 January 2013 by a group of friends who caravan motorhome regularly together. They camp under the country code of conduct, and encourage an environmentally friendly approach to enjoying the countryside. All types of units are welcome.

Bridge Caravan Club
Could be a new club, last look website was under construction

Bristol and District Camping Club
Formed in 1999 Bristol and District Camping Club provides a local family & dog friendly Caravan and Camping Club with rallies to picturesque campsites at a reasonable cost.

Burton and District Caravan & Camping Club
A Rally club running a good selection of rallies throughout the year, new members welcome.


C - D

Owners Clubs, RallyClubs Car Clubs - 365 Camping Caravanning

The Camping and Caravanning Club
The first big camping club in the UK and one of the two big and well known clubs offering members a full club package. Along with the Caravan Club these two clubs offer about as much as you can ask from a club. Rallies and much more, site books, a selection of their own sites, help and advice and a magazine to keep you up to date.

The Caravan Club
One of the two big and well known clubs in the UK. Along with the Camping and Caravan Club these two clubs offer about as much as any club can. Rallies, site books, their own sites, help and advice and a magazine to keep you up to date.

Carmel Caravan Club
A London and Home Counties based club for Jewish caravanners, motorhome and trailer-tent campers who wish to enjoy sharing weekend rallies with like minded co-religionists. The club arranges over 20 weekend rallies between March and October.

Castaway Caravan & Camping Club
Established in 2001 camping  throughout the year across Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

Castaways Camping Group
A small rally group essentially based in Lincolnshire. The aim of the group is friendship and companionship and to organise events of interest for its members. To provide a full programme of camping through the year. Most rallies are in the area South of the Humber to Lincoln and the East Coast to Doncaster.

Cavalier Caravan Club
The club welcomes caravans, motorhomes, trailer tents and tents. The club holds a number of rallies during the year for its members.

Coast and Countryside Camping Club
A small club dedicated to using Greenfield sites mainly in the South of England. They hold Meets in Dorset , Hampshire, and West Sussex and are intending to extend to Wiltshire and Somerset, and we are looking further afield to Norfolk and Cambridge.

The Compass Club
All makes and models of Caravans and Motorhomes welcome. Get the most out of your caravan or motorhome by joining a rally in the UK or into Europe. An active club that has a great social scene, with members able to chat and communicate via their Blog.

Concraft Camping Club
Concraft is a countrywide camping and caravan club which started in 1973 for owners of Concraft Trailer tents. When Concraft stopped making the units, members slowly dropped away leaving a Ďcoreí who changed to other makes and eventually mostly caravans.

Dowty Camping Club
A small camping and caravan club based in Gloucestershire that organises rallies from March through to October approx every other weekend. The rallies are usually within a thirty mile radius of Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Dunelm Caravan Association
A friendly family orientated club that hold rallies from March to November from Northumberland to Yorkshire. They take caravans and motor caravans and hold rallies

E - F


ERF Caravan & Camping Club
ERF Caravan & Camping Club hold rallies throughout the country and are always looking for new members. You donít have to be a seasoned camper, caravanner or motor caravanner. Family or individual and fancy the idea of rallying but donít fancy the idea of a large club atmosphere, then this is the club to join.

Freedom Caravan Club
A North West friendly family caravan club run by local people who enjoy the freedom of caravanning, meeting new people and making new friends.

Freedom North East 2000 Caravan Club
Based in the North East of England holding rallies and  events between January and November.

The Freedom Club
A camping and caravan club for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. If you enjoy camping in a tent, caravan or motorhome and you are looking to make friends with like-minded people in your area and beyond this may be the club for you.

G - I


Honeycomb Caravan Club
The Honeycomb Caravan Clubs membership is made up of mostly retired couples. The rally programme is made up of mostly 5 night rallies around he midlands and the Welsh borders. Honeycomb Caravan Club is the Bees Knees!

Good Companions Ralliers Association
A rallying club promoting their love of camping, the countryside, and travel, based on friendship and mutual support. For owners of motorhomes and caravans,

Hackle Caravan & Camping Club
This is quite a new club run by Fusiliers and has ex forces members, but is open to all. Could be interesting check out the Hackle Caravan & Camping Club forum for more details

Happy Campers Club
The Happy Campers Club run rallies on most weekends throughout the year in and around Lancashire. These rallies provide a cheap and basic form of camping.

Heart of England Caravan and Camping Club
The club is open to all caravanners and campers who would like to rally in the Heart of England, irrespective of the make of car or caravan that they own

The Humberside Vikings Touring Caravan Club
Rallying areas are predominantly in the East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Enjoyable and regular weekend rallies at a reasonable cost.

Hurn Dorset Caravan & Camping Club
A small local caravan club that concentrates on family camping in rural locations rather than commercial sites

International Caravanning Association
The International Caravanning Association is a club with members worldwide which wishes to encourage caravanning, both Caravans, Motorhomes / RVs.

Invicta Trailer Club
A Kent based club rallying in the area. The club has been established since 1972 and is fully affiliated to ACCEO. A friendly club, looking for new members looking for quiet weekends away with likeminded people. The majority of  rallies are from 3 to 5 nights and run from February to December within Kent, Surrey and Sussex area's.


J - L


Llandudno Transport Festival Caravan and Camping Club
The Transport Festival is the largest in Wales and one of the U.K.'s best-loved events. It is held in conjuction with the Victorian Extravaganza. The club was set up to facilitate camping at this event.

Jubilee Caravan Club
Organise and enjoy many events at various locations, mostly in the South of England but also further afield. Every year the  programme includes some of favourites, some new and untried venues, but always in friendly company

Leyland Caravan & Camping Association
An association with several camping clubs operating under their umbrella.

Loners Group Caravan Club
Formed in 1976 for those who caravan alone because of bereavement, divorce, separation or single status. The club welcomes all people who camp alone and enjoy caravanning.

M - N


Mid Sussex Caravan and Campers Club
A small family friendly camping club that was formed in 1967 all age groups are welcome also any type of unit - tent, trailer tent, caravan or motorhome.

New Companions Club
The New Companions Club is a friendship club for people who camp on their own for whatever reason, whether widowed, divorced, separated or single or indeed have a non-camping partner.

New Forest Caravan & Camping

The club welcomes new members who like to camp in caravans, camper vans or tents. Regular weekend rallies and the occasional five day rally through the year.

North & South Westerners Camping Club Associated
The North & South Westerners Camping Club Assn was formed in 1989 at the Royal Umpire Museum in Croston Lancashire. A Friendly Club

Northern Friends Caravan and Camping Club
Northern Friends are a family club where a warm welcome is assured and fun guaranteed among members who enjoy caravanning and club activities. Rallies around the Cheshire area with excursions into Shropshire, Lancashire and Wales

Northern Ralliers Camping Club
The Northern Ralliers Camping Club was formed in 2006 to provide Good Rallies with friendly people. A camping club for owners of Tents, Trailer Tents, Car & Caravans, Camper vans and Motor homes.

O - R


PLUS Retired Caravanners Club
A North West based caravan club for those who are now retired. Run by members who enjoy the freedom of caravanning, meeting new people and making new friends. Looking to relax and roam more often, especially during week days?

The Purbeck Campers Club
This is Purbeck Campers Club is a members camping club with the aim to provide regular, affordable, mostly local, fun social events.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group Caravan Club
RBSCC is a small and friendly club, open to current and former employees of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Group, and their immediate family members. The club exists to provide opportunities for members to get away in their caravans, motorcaravans or tents.

S - V

The Phoenix Camping Club

Do you live and camp alone? If the answer is yes, then The Phoenix Camping Club maybe just what you are looking for. A friendly club whose members come from all walks of life and from all over the UK, with one thing in common a love of camping whether it be in a caravan, motorhome or tent and wish to camp with people who are also single. Camping units, from small tents right through to large twin axel caravans and motorhomes are welcome.

For more information:
Website The Phoenix Camping Club
Email  Phoenix Camping Club

Sapphire Club
Formed in 2010, a group of like-minded caravaners who organise rallies at places of mutual interest in order to enjoy both the countryside, and social interaction. The group aim to have an informal and friendly atmosphere on rallies and have at least one continental rally each year.

Seeboard Caravan & Camping Club
Formed in 1970 by a few employees of the South Eastern Electricity Board, it soon grew into a thriving group. Membership is open to anyone, The club holds rallies every year, usually within the old SEEBOARD area. Evening entertainment is a major feature of the rallies with live bands, discos, quizes, race nights and more.

Shell Caravan Club
Website was not working at last visit, we are unsure of the status of this club.

Sovereign Caravan Club
Membership of the Sovereign Caravan Club opens up a fantastic opportunity to make new friends on great rallies at wonderful venues. The only requirements are that you have a touring caravan and a sense of humour to be able to apply for membership.

Spread Eagle Caravan Club
Rally club welcoming new members, they have a good rally plan, check it out.

Suffolk Motorhome and Caravan Club
Membership is open to all persons and their families who own a motorhome or caravan.

Shell Caravan Club
The Shell Caravan Club runs rallies in the UK and abroad, from Easter through to October. New members always welcome

Tourers and Tents Owners Club
Tourers and Tents Owners Club, a family friendly club for motorhomes, caravans, trailer tents and tents. Rallies throughout the year in different locations for members to get together and enjoy different activities.

Touring Caravan Club
Formaly the trailer caravan club the Touring Caravan Club is a national caravanning club. Originally formed in 1937 and then re-formed in 1964 to provide a members club for owners of Caravans, Trailer Tent or Motorhomes.

Triple T Club
The TTT Club runs a private members only website, no information on how you join this club. The TTT Club is an ACCEO accredited Members Caravan Club formed in 2006

W - Z

Welsh Globetrotters Motorcaravan Club

The Welsh Globetrotters is a small friendly club for a group of like-minded motorhome enthusiasts. Originally called the Eagle Owners Club and renamed in 2002 The Welsh Globetrotters. The Aims of the club are to enable a group of friends to get together on a regular basis and enjoy each otherís company, to share knowledge and information to help each other where we can and to make motorcaravanning as enjoyable as possible.

Visit The Website Welsh Globetrotters Motorcaravan Club
Contact The Club Contact Welsh Globetrotters Motorcaravan Club

Wessex Winter Caravanners
WWC is a small friendly club so it is easy to get to know one another. With a limit of 25 members and a rally attendance of around 10 outfits they hold rallies around the last complete weekend of every month. Venues are generally within a 50 mile radius of Winchester.

Waltham Chase Caravan Club
The Waltham Chase Caravan Club is a friendly Hampshire based club that welcomes caravans, motor caravans and tents. Members are spread far an wide so you don't need to be from the local area to join! It meets on all Bank Holidays between Easter and the August Bank holiday, plus a weekend in June, July, September and October.

Wayfarers Caravan Club
A small group of caravanners who enjoy visiting various areas, mainly located around central England. The Wayfarers Caravan Club invites you to join them, see their website for details

Weaver Valley Caravan & Camping Club
Weaver Valley CCC is an affordable, family/couples oriented caravaning and camping club. A friendly bunch and anyone is welcome. Many rallies every year, inlcuding locations throughout the UK and Europe.

Yorkshire Friends Ralliers
The friendly Yorkshire caravan and camping club. Yorkshire Friend iends that wished to return to a way of camping that seemed to have been lost. The club now has around 120+ member units

Yorkshire Rose Camping & Caravanning Club
With the Yorkshire Rose Caravan & Camping Club you could enjoy some wonderful sites in a variety of locations for only £7.00 per night.A small, friendly club that is based in Yorkshire, camping on alternate weekends throughout the year.

The Zodiacs
A rallying motorhome club

Lost Rally Clubs
Well only lost to us as we have not been able to find their website or any contact details for them or the details we have suggest they may no longer be operational. If the owners or the committee would like to contact us we would be happy to add details or remove the listing as appropriate.

007 Caravan and Camping Club
Maybe this club is just for secreat agents, we can find not details beyond the name of the club

All Seasons Caravan Club The Doves
We have a facebook page but no information for the club, maybe its a closed group or no longer rallying

All Year Round Caravan Club
Looks like they do it all year round but we couldn't find them.

Break Away Caravan Club
Its clearly broken away, we can find no trace.

Brunel Caravan and Camping Club
Formed in 1969 the club was originally the Bristol Aerospace CCC In 2003 it was rename the Brunel-CCC. The club wecomes all persons who enjoy both caravanning and camping. We are not sure if this club is still operational but the last contact we have for it is  Derek Haines.

Comet Caravan Club
No trace of this club that we could find

Estuary Caravan & Camping Club

Family Days Caravan Club

Four Counties Caravan Club

Freedom With Friends Caravan and Camping Club

Freeway Caravan & Camping Club

Friends Caravan Club

Fuze Caravan & Camping Club

Goodyear Caravan & Camping Club

Greenfields Caravan and Camping Club

Griffin Caravan & Camping Club

Happy Wanderers Caravan Club

Hanson Quarry Products Europe Social Club

Home from Home Caravan and Camping Club

Hotpoint Caravan & Camping Club

Independent Caravan Motorhome & CC of Northern Ireland

Lucas Camping & Caravan Club

Magnet Caravan Club

Midway Group

Moose International Caravan & Camping Club

New Generation Camping & Caravan Club


Northumbria Caravan Association


Olympic Caravan Club

Omaha & District Breakers Caravan & Camping Club

Peugeot Caravan & Camping Club

Pied Piper Rally Club

Pioneers Caravan Club

R.P.C. Caravan & Camping Club

Ralliers 2005 Caravan Club

Red Rose Caravan Club

Safari Caravan Club

Saxon Crosses Caravan & Camping Club

Smiths Industries Camping Club

South West Caravan Club

Stone Agers Camping & Caravanning Club

Tawe Caravan Club

Three Valleys Caravan Club

Tid dlers and Crouchers Club

Vauxhall Motors Caravan & Camping Club

Veteran Caravanners Club

Warwickshire Nomads Caravan & Camping Club

Weekend Wanderers Camping Club

Weekenders Motor Caravan Club

West Midlands Travel Caravan & Camping

Westwood Caravan & Camping Club

White Lion Caravan & Camping Club

White Rose Camping & Caravan Club

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Is your Club listed above? Would you like to add more details about your club?. If you are a member of an Owners Club, Rally Club or a Car Club and would like your club details listed on this page just E-mail us by clicking Here

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