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Featured Club - The Dead Pink Flamingos
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On Tow With - The Dead Pink Flamingos

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Camp Commandant and Assistant in the Flamingo Pose


The Flamingo Pose




 Now Honoury Members The Firemen at Lincoln Show getting Initiated




A very unique Club. Here is the story of how The Dead Pink Flamingos came to be as told by Nicki AKA Camp Commandant "The Dead Pink Flamingos"


The Dead Pink Flamingos were formed in 2002 following a visit to the first ever Lincoln Music Festival in 2001 when one of the gang bought a pink flamingo windsock which she flew from her caravan with pride. The creature looked liked it had been shot and non of us could quite believe that she had paid good money for such an awful looking thing. However as the next Lincoln Festival approached we all wanted to pitch together and realised that the only way that could happen was if we formed a club. Being the sad person that I am I sat in the glorious Norfolk sunshine and tried to come up with a name, much to the annoyance of my travel companions. What was needed was a name that meant something to all of us, was memorable, and was also a bit of fun. What was the one thing we all had in common ? You've guessed it, it was our constant ridicule of the flamingo wind sock. That was it!!!

 "The Dead Pink Flamingos" were born.

Dead Pink Flamingos at The Lincoln Show 2007
Here are some of the Dead Pink Flamingos at The Lincoln Show 2007


As a result I am afraid we now all own a mascot flamingo windsock which we fly with pride from our caravans and motorhomes. The Dead Pink Flamingos have grown as friends invite friends and we all have a fantastic time. We use any excuse to dress up and to date have celebrated numerous birthdays and a medieval wedding where the guest of honour was "Florrie" the original Pink Flamingo. Yes as you have probably guessed all our flamingos have names, but they must begin with F.

In 2005 we hit France for The Dead Pink Flamingos European Tow!! In 2007 a few of us travelled to Spain for the Dead Pink Flamenco tow. In between our foreign jaunts we enjoy numerous weekends away and always go to Lincoln Music and Leisure Festival.


Where ever we go people always ask about The Flamingo, its origin, and what it is all about. Unfortunaly membership is by invitation only. All new members have to undergo an initiation ceremony which means that requires them to do a number of weird things before standing in a flamingo pose and chanting the dpfs mantra. 


Initiation Ceremony for The Dead Pink Flamingos


Initiation Ceremony - The Dead Pink Flamingos


 Just for the record although we started off buying  flamingo windsocks we now own a variety of flamingo memorabilia such as pyjamas, toilet bags, salt and pepper pots, soft toys, jewellery, melamine pots, underwear -  to name but a few.


So if you ever see a flock of Dead Pink Flamingos hanging on flag poles come over and say hello, it has to be us who else could it be?

Nicki AKA Camp Commandant




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